A payment gateway is a technology that businesses use to accept and process online payments. It acts as the bridge between a customer’s payment method – such as credit cards, digital wallets or bank transfers – and a business’s merchant account, transferring funds quickly and securely. The system accepts bank cards of major payment methods and numerous alternative payment methods. The platform offers unparalleled service and charges moderate fees for that. It is also a sophisticated management tool with the potential to set up selling and marketing campaigns that boost merchants’ sales and expand their customer base.

Are you looking for a payment gateway that reflects your brand and provides an exceptional customer experience? Quadrapay offers a white label payment gateway service that allows you to use your own brand name on the top label of the payment gateway while processing transactions for your merchants or customers. With our white label payment gateway, you can boost your market name, reputation, and image by providing a unique, out-of-the-box experience that is exclusively designed according to your requirements. The advantages of white label payment gateways include quicker time-to-market, cost-effectiveness, enhanced customer trust through consistent branding, and the ability to focus on core business. This all is possible while relying on high-quality payment solutions. There is no doubt that white label payment gateways bring plenty of features to all sorts of businesses.


A payment gateway needs to abide by many high payment security compliances (like PCI DSS, tokenization, AML norms etc.) and regulatory requirements. When you partner with a whitelabel payment gateway you don’t have to make extra efforts to get security compliances or necessary licences. Before you leave, grab our free whitepaper and discover how switching to a white-label payment gateway can benefit your business. We can refer you to an acquiring partner of our company if we know the one that would be a good fit. We do not, however, participate in financial flow per se, and this is not the service that we offer on a daily basis. Ikajo is processing main card payment types as well as various alternative options and supports over 100 payment methods and more than 150 currencies.

whitelabel payment gateway

It started the activity as an outsourced developer of payment systems for foreign companies. Also, the platform designs transaction tools and security check services, working in compliance with the AML (anti-money laundering) policy. Akurateco is a software provider, headquartered in Amsterdam, that specializes in fintech software products. Providing payment processing services to merchants requires your gateway to comply with a range of standards.

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White label payment gateways offer various branding options, such as customizing payment pages, using custom URLs, and tailoring customer communication. These options ensure businesses can deliver a cohesive and personalized payment experience to their customers. A payment gateway is a technology businesses use to accept and process online payments. It acts as the bridge between a customer’s payment method—such as credit cards, digital wallets, or bank transfers—and a business’s merchant account, transferring funds quickly and securely. A white-label payment gateway is a fully developed payment gateway solution that businesses can customise to their requirements and rebrand as their own. When it comes to payment processing, traditional solvents offer a one-size-fits-all approach, leaving little room for customization.

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This payment choice supports over 100 currencies and various payment methods, making it a versatile and convenient option for businesses looking to expand globally. Moreover, traditional variants often require businesses to develop their payment processing system from scratch, which can be a daunting and time-consuming task. On the other hand, white-label financial types let businesses skip the hassle and get straight to branding the payment experience. The number and type of payment integrations vary from one payment provider to another. For instance, Akurateco offers 200+ payment connectors via one integration to the platform. If you’re in the payment processing industry, chances are you’ve heard the term white-label payment gateway before.

Ensures a great level of security

Explore Corytech or create an account instantly and start accepting payments. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business. The next crucial step is to look through a list of banks and payment providers integrated into the system to decide which ones to use, depending on your clients’ geography and payment preferences. Additionally, you can ask the provider to integrate the necessary connectors that are not in the system at your request. So, look for a whitelabel payment gateway that not only settles your funds in the least amount of time, but also gives you the leverage to opt for instant settlement like Cashfree Payments. Get up and running quickly with our ready-to-use full hosted onboarding experience.

whitelabel payment gateway

Now that we have covered the main benefits of a white-label payment gateway let’s move on to its drawbacks. Maintenance, hosting, adding new integrations to the list are whitelabel payment gateway all the responsibilities of the technology provider. In the meantime, the merchant gets to enjoy all its benefits without worrying about the tech aspects of the gateway.

Might need a separate processor for in-person options

Depending on your wishes regarding branding, technologies, and integrations, it can take you from a week to a month to go live. For comparison, if you develop a payment gateway on your own, it will take you no less than six months to start operating. The functionality of a whitelabel payment gateway is the same as any other payment gateway with just an exception of no branding on the payments page.

You can rent it from a vendor on a subscription basis and use it as your own software. Simply put, a white-label payment gateway is a way to become a full-fledged Payment Service Provider (PSP) without investing time and money in developing your solution. Whether you are a merchant or a reseller shopping around various white-label payment solutions, you need to know your options.

Brandable software suitable for various business types

As each PSP differs in their requirements, professional white-label payment gateway providers are ready to finalize the system according to your needs. For instance, if you need to meet the requirements of a local regulator or a particular payment connector, the provider will fine-tune the system according to their specifications. Shorten your time to market, enjoy a flexible user experience and monetize payments in your platform with our suite of pre-built hosted solutions. As a technology provider, Akurateco does not require you to be licensed to be able to use our gateway. To operate your firm successfully, you must, nevertheless, abide by your regulator’s and acquirer’s document-related standards. In the event that you act as a payment facilitator and handle transactions through your accounts, your acquiring bank would often want a financial license.

  • You can use our White Label Payment Gateway combined with your reports system.
  • Clients of this provider will get built-in fraud and chargeback prevention software.
  • Your merchant portal gives you access to all sorts of real-time customer data.
  • It gives developers the freedom to customize the checkout process to their heart’s content.
  • And today, we’ll look into the principle behind white-label payments as well as their key benefits.
  • Same-Day Deposits are available to eligible merchants of software platforms with a 5PM PT cut-off time for payments processed on WePay.
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