Anyone who has attempted to create a marriage guest list knows that it can be a little bit of a sticky wicket. Some people could feel that they’ve been invited because of their role within your life or a past marriage, but when considering the final decisions about who have should be there you and your spouse are the simply ones who know what is best for your big day. This is why it is so crucial to take the time to be honest with everybody from the start if you do not have place for them at your celebration. This can be done with a really diplomatic and sensitive strategy so that no one feels offended.

Often , the reason why you have to invite someone below your total list is because of the scale restrictions of your venue or perhaps budget. It is perfectly appropriate to have a B-list or back-up list for these people, as long as you get it done early and send them their invitations a bit later on than the remaining guests. This will give you a lot of breathing space if they are able to show up at and you could then invite them personally to avoid any kind of awkwardness.

A lot of people also worry about giving a plus one and whether or not kids should be asked, which again must be decided simply by you and your partner. There are a great number of traditional rules that suggest you should offer everyone who will be attending wedding and reception a plus one if they are not hitched or in a dedicated long-term romance, but it is really up to you what is right for you and your partner.

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