Not so many companies provide core customization and a more extensive feature set, which makes several platforms look alike. One more significant disadvantage white label exchanges come with is finding a tech team for maintenance and ongoing support. Since the original software’s architecture is only known to previous developers, the new ones you hire will have to spend additional hours studying the structure, charging you decent money. Antier’s future-focused cryptocurrency trading software development services assure that your cryptocurrency exchange software succeeds in the cut-throat competition effortlessly. Whether you are a large fintech institution, a digital currency startup, or a progressive tech investor, we offer end-to-end service irrespective of the size of the venture.

There are also many integrations, such as KYC providers, marketing tools, payment services, platforms and support systems. A cryptocurrency exchange software solution is a digital simulation of a traditional trading business that is more secure, accessible, and convenient for business owners and customers. The cryptocurrency trading platform enables customers to seamlessly trade cryptocurrencies for fiat money or other digital assets. Merkeleon’s white label software for a crypto wallet, on the other hand, is a brand-new product that allows businesses to build a secure user-friendly depository for digital assets. With multicurrency support and advanced security mechanisms that enable integration with existing cold wallets, users can confidently manage crypto portfolios.


We will never create software limitations or problems for you in order to extract additional profits. Our solution was designed to disrupt the industry and to provide our clients with a competitive advantage. Many exchanges can’t handle more than one or two million transactions per second. Some can’t handle 100,000 or even 15,000 transactions per second.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Turnkey Reviews

Take a look at how we’ve helped our clients capitalize on crypto exchange. Our exchange software provides the possibility to easily execute an IEO . You are able to trade the newly-launched token on the platform immediately. It is also possible to include market maker services from external providers.

Merkeleon reviews: popular stories from our partners.

I recommend Coinbase because of its easy-to-use interface that allows us to buy crypto with a few clicks. If I make customer support the number one priority then I will not recommend it. We need to wait several weeks to get solve our issue after contacting the Coinbase support team. A feature-rich matching engine developed by B2Broker for high-loaded exchanges with big number of clients.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Turnkey Reviews

It’s probably one of the easiest ways to buy and trade crypto, earn crypto, and let your company start accepting cryptocurrency. If you want to start accepting cryptocurrency into your store, this is probably the best app out of there. It’s a way to easily buy and sell cryptocurrency than going through other apps.

We’ve been building exchanges for 25 years.

Coinbase is good for users that want to diversify their crypto portfolio. Coinbase allows trades between different currencies and with some harder-to-find currencies. It also provides necessary security features and secure transactions. I wouldn’t recommend using it for trading anything other than cryptocurrencies. Well suited for those new to trading digital assets, ease of application, and trading if you were intending to trade less popular digital assets.

  • Third-party KYC providers store all client documents on a contract basis.
  • Crypto trading bots are automated tools that help you as a crypto trader conduct your trading and execute transactions using some technical indicators.
  • The proper marketing & crypto PR campaign will help you maximize your reach, attract the most engagement and create a loyal user base.
  • Programmed algorithms regularly transfer client funds into cold storages thus providing the necessary level of safety.
  • Coinrule regularly introduces new templates to its platform, from long-term holding strategies, and stop-loss settings to accumulation.
  • Get talking to a member of the B2Broker team to receive custom pricing options, information about data subscription fees, and quotes for B2Broker’s data offering tailored to your use case.
  • The trust in just emerging cryptocurrency projects has been shattered.

There are many different USPs that you can offer your clients to differentiate yourself from your competitors, all of which are based on B2Broker products. Average distribution of sources of income and costs in the financial plan of a crypto exchange. Choosing a jurisdiction for company registration, connecting payment systems and even deciding on marketing channels will fall under the remit of your legal team.

Liquidity management

Provide a foundation for you to build embedded consumer finance solutions, including embedded global payments. Utilize cryptocurrencies like USDC, Ethereum Bitcoin, and other blockchain platforms for pay-ins and pay-outs. Delve into the technical aspects of the Cybrid platform, explore its features and capabilities, and understand how it can help you build seamless and secure solutions for your crypto projects.

News Nuggets 15 June: ASIC Cancels License; BaFin Probes Illegal Trading Brands – Finance Magnates

News Nuggets 15 June: ASIC Cancels License; BaFin Probes Illegal Trading Brands.

Posted: Thu, 15 Jun 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

In the assets allocation would be great to see how much was invested into a particular coin , and what is it trading for now. That would allow seeing at a glance whether certain crypto is gaining or losing your investment. I’ve found it to be a solid company to work with and has the infrastructure needed to be successful in the crypto ecosystem. Transaction costs are higher compared to other cryptocurrency platforms. Coinbase is great for trading the main cryptocurrencies but doesn’t allow trading of many niche or newer ones. It provides ease of use for buying, selling, transferring, and storing cryptocurrency.

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Hundreds of companies are already using this guide to improve their marketing strategy. All our clients are assigned a personal account manager who is always on hand to answer questions and deal with all their requirements. B2Broker is committed to working alongside its clients to ensure ultimate user satisfaction. An extensive range of tutorials and materials is available to assist with all technical aspects. Our engineers work closely to deliver products that are thoroughly tested and work well together.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Turnkey Reviews

The platform provides detailed statistics that are calculated and shown on the Dashboard so traders can keep track of gains and trade more effectively. I started using coinbase because it would educate me about the network of blockchains and cryptocurrency traders on their app. I was surprised to hear the history about splits with different blockchain. The network run fuild but very different from the financial institutions. Again, we use Coinbase at least several times per month to complete customer sales transactions. Coinbase’s exchange is well suited to quickly and safely, transfer funds to our accounts without dealing with paper checks lost in the mail.

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